Blick Rothenberg Work Experience

Ashisha Bamjee


How did you hear about Access Accountancy and in which school year?

I heard about Access Accountancy through Blick Rothenberg when I was in year 12.

What made you decide to get involved?

I had always considered going into a profession with a large amount of mathematical content due to my great passion for the subject. Consequently, I considered accountancy and decided to complete work experience so that I had an idea of what the profession was like and to be sure it was the career I wanted to pursue.

How easy was the application process?

The application process was easy and straightforward as I only had to send through my CV. I was then put in contact with the HR Assistant to discuss the opportunity.

Work Experience

What was the office environment like?

The office environment made me feel comfortable as people were openly willing to teach me and provide me with help when it was required.

What did you learn during your work experience?

During my work experience in the Business Group department at Blick Rothenberg I shadowed those who were writing up completed accounts, as well as understanding more about the checks completed before the finalisation process, and I learnt more about auditing.

What were some of the highlights?

The part of my work experience I enjoyed the most was going to the client’s office to shadow those who were auditing accounts – it was nice to be out of the office, but also completing work which was quite different compared to some of the other work I had completed.

Did you have a mentor or someone you could talk to during your work experience?

Throughout my work experience there was always somebody there who would guide me through the work and help me if ever required.

Accountancy profession

Did you know much about the accountancy profession before your work experience?

Before my work experience I knew a little about the accountancy profession, however, the work experience helped me to enhance my knowledge on it.


How do you see you career progressing from here?

I would like to study Accounting or Accounting and Finance at university and then go on to progress into the profession with further training, and the completion of accounting examinations, before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

Has your experience changed your future plans?

My experience has allowed me to be sure about my decision to join the accountancy profession in the future.

Would you recommend that students apply for Access Accountancy?

I would recommend that students apply for Access Accountancy as it provides you with an insight into the profession. This then helps you to decide whether accountancy is the profession you would like to go into.


Do you have any advice for those interested in applying for Access Accountancy?

I would say to make the most out of the experience – if possible ensure 100% attendance during your work experience and be open to new experiences and learning. In doing so, you will gain a better understanding of the profession allowing you to make the decision as to whether a career in accounting is the career for you.

How important do you think opportunities for young people to have work experience are?

I think work experience opportunities are extremely important for young people as it provides them with an insight into the professional world, outside of school and college. In addition to this, it provides an insight into whether the profession they are considering is the one for them through first-hand experience and work within the profession they may be considering.