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What would we be committing to?

Under a common banner, those signing up to the initiative will commit to completing a series of milestones. These milestones will help to increase the volume, scope and quality of activity to improve access to, and progression within, the accountancy profession for young people from less advantaged backgrounds across the UK.

Access Accountancy signatories are also expected to make an annual donation to support the continuation of the initiative. This will be dependent on the number of accountants employed if a business, firm or other organisation, or number of members if a professional body.

Access Accountancy milestones

Why join?

The accountancy profession accounts for 1.1% of total employee population in the UK (BIS 2010) and was identified by Milburn (2009) as having had the largest decline of all professions in social mobility between the 1958 and 1970 birth cohorts. Unless trends reverse, tomorrow’s professional is growing up in a family richer than seven in ten of all families in the UK.

Improving socio-economic inclusion for access into the accountancy sector will mean organisations will provide opportunities to recruit, promote and retain some of the most under-represented talent in the country. Making the sector more diverse, socially representative and productive.


As an Access Accountancy signatory, you will have access to:


A network of varying organisations all working on a common goal

Resources and support

Resources and support to help with the development of your work experience programme, data collection, student outreach, hiring etc


Signatory events to share best practice and look at overall progress on social mobility

Data analysis

Externally validated reviews of hiring, progression and work experience data to help make improvements


Joining one of the Working Groups to help drive the direction of change and guidance shared with others